Radon and good building practice.

The World Health Organisation says that tens of thousands of deaths are caused by radon.

You can protect your family from cancer causing radon.

You can’t see, you can’t smell it, you can’t feel it, but it’s there. Radon naturally comes from the ground but the problem is it builds up to dangerous concentration in the home. It is more dangerous now then when it was discovered in 1900 because buildings have changed with the advent of insulation; double-glazing and draught proofing which means very high levels of radon can accumulate Radon varies across the country and there are maps available to show the concentrations of Radon gas. However the concentrations of radon can vary over a very small area so it is important that testing of radon be carried out especially if you live in a high-risk area. For new builds and when renovations are being carried out the following solutions carried out expertly can reduce radon concentrations to a safe level and without losing your valuable heat. Used when fairly low of radon are detected, the method is to lay a radon barrier within the floor and then link to the damp proof course. As solid ground floors already use a damp proof membrane the only change is to make the seal radon gas tight. Additionally radon gas should be prevented from entering the cavity When High levels of radon are detected then full radon protection is needed the method is the same as the low level protection, but in addition it has a sub floor ventilation system.

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