Things to consider when buying a dilapidated barn. Has the building for barn conversion already got outline planning permission, if it hasn’t it may be difficult to get. You might approach the planning dept yourself or you might engage an architect to do it for you, at this stage it is just to make sure that the development you have in mind is agreeable to the planning authorities. The next stage is to submit detailed planning for your barn conversion frustratingly this may take several months. A very important thing to do is to select a builder that is experienced and capable of carrying out the work.

Costing a barn conversion. Something to be aware of when working out your costs for a barn conversion. Most builders will give an estimate; this means that if they find problems that they did not foresee the cost will go up. If the barn conversion is a listed building you can only use the materials that the planning permission allows, which will add to the cost. If mains services are not near by this also will add to the expense. The weather may cause delays, which can cost. Planning permissions and architects all cost money. The list is not complete but long enough to say allow for the unexpected in the budget.

Saving money Substantial sums can be saved by managing the barn conversion yourself, but only if you have developed the necessary skill to do so, otherwise  this could be an expensive mistake. If you manage the barn conversion, you will have to deal with contractors, architects, planning authorities, electricity authority etc. A barn conversion is a major project so there will be challenges, so if you are not experienced in the building industry, rather than manage the project yourself it is best to get advice from a specialist firm who will do barn conversions for you, and then if (when) unexpected problems happen you have professionals to overcome them for you. If you have reasonable skills in some areas of the building industry you may consider doing some of the work yourself and some building firms will be happy to accommodate this. To save money is not the only reason to do some of the work yourself there is great personal satisfaction in the achievement. Even if you just need advice give castell Renovations a call  01597 823869